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Unique Connections has over twelve years of experience in the luxury tourism industry, designing dreams and transforming them into real and unique journeys filled with memorable experiences. For each planned destination we focus on quality, professionalism and attention to detail.

We dedicate ourselves to identifying every client’s needs, expectations and wishes; preparing individual and exclusive itineraries to satisfy every request delivering unique experiences.  

The best reward for us is our clients complete satisfaction.



Private Tours


We provide individual assistance to guide and orientate the passengers in their planning of exclusive and personalised tours that include socio-historical, gastronomic, rural and urban sites, and whatever is most appropriate to each client. We only work with qualified guides and tours can be organised in the desired language to provide an even greater understanding and interaction with the clients.

Meet and Greet


We look after the entire itinerary of the passenger, from their arrival at the airport, to the transfer to the hotel and the final moment of departure. For those who need extra attention and care, we arrange a personal host to receive the traveller on upon arrival, and to escort and assist during the immigration process. Our host will collect the luggage and accompany our client to the hotel to help with the check in. We can provide VIP assistance for the entire trip with specialised professionals who are fluent in several languages. 

Luxury Accomodation

We have at our disposal a unique selection of luxury hotels and the most unique accommodation including castles and luxury camping sites. We work to guarantee that the client’s stay is comfortable and unforgettable. Having a dream stay is not so much about its cost, but rather an investment in your wellbeing!  



We offer concierge services for work or leisure purposes. Thanks to our privileged business contacts, we can make reservations at the best restaurants; we have VIP access to theatre tickets, musicals and concerts, sporting events and even last minute occasions. We strive to provide our clients with access to

the inaccessible!

VIP Transportation


We have an exclusive range of luxury vehicles as well as private jets, helicopters, boats and yachts. We count on established transport companies to ensure the comfort, security and privacy of our client. Experienced and reliable professionals are readily available, from the beginning to the end of the

chosen journey.


We also provide consultancy services to clients that want to study in the United Kingdom or Ireland. From preparatory courses in English for university entry to academic courses, we offer educational advice and personalised orientation across the best schools and universities.

For those looking for a special programme of studies and leisure, summer camps are excellent options for the entire family.



Special Celebrations


We give complete assistance to plan all kinds of celebrations; from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, engagement parties to hen and stag dos or anything else that the client may dream of! We know that each celebration is unique and special and deserves a detailed and exclusive plan according to the distinctive wishes of each occasion.

Gastronomic Experience


The lovers of haute cuisine and oenology can enjoy incredible experiences worldwide. We design gastronomic tours to very demanding palates that include wine, whisky or gin tasting and offer the most sophisticated, traditional and emblematic dishes of international cuisine.

Health & Wellbeing

There is nothing like enjoying special days at a leisurely pace! For that reason, we offer many alternatives that provide tranquillity, relaxation and quality of life. We count on the best and most luxurious spas to offer the most complete and effective eating programmes, detox, stress relief and beauty treatments. Every client can have their moment of wellbeing, beauty and self-confidence renewed.


We provide tours with several sport activities such as polo, golf, bike and walk tours, fishing and many others. We customise each sporting experience according to the profile and preferred destination of each client.

Shopping Assistant


There are no limits for those in search of exclusivity, luxury and personalised shopping guidance. We offer a unique experience of specialised assistance when it comes to shopping in style: designer clothing shops, private boutiques, art galleries, designer jewelleries and famous brands. Beyond your needs, we focus on making your shopping experience the best ever!

Real State

Complete and personalised assistance in selecting your dream property.

You can choose to buy a luxury property or to rent for short or long lettings, from apartments in big cities to villas and castles even in the most remote destinations. 




Tel: +44 20 7242 7754

Hamilton House, 1 Temple Avenue, London EC4Y 0HA

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